Terms of Service

Triple J Pool Care Terms of Service

The purpose of this agreement is for Triple J Pool Care LLC to perform either pool and/or spa maintenance as described below, to the CUSTOMER for a fee, to be paid as described below.

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Frequency of Service(Required)

Services to be Performed

Triple J Pool Care LLC will furnish all materials, including chemicals, for the monthly service packages or the chosen one-time service. Additional service visits may be needed and billed extra above the normal service fees (e.g. storms, severe algae problems, small animal removal, acts of nature and debris removal caused by another company). All services are performed as needed and by the discretion of Triple J Pool Care LLC.


The CUSTOMER agrees to pay Triple J Pool Care LLC the standard amount specified below for the frequency of service indicated above. The agreed price of the monthly service plan covers one calendar month. In addition to the monthly fees stated, if Triple J Pool Care LLC services a portable spa in conjunction with a pool cleaning, a negotiated charge based on a monthly rate will be added. Spa draining and cleaning is $90.00 per hour or portion thereof. Any additional service performed by Triple J Pool Care LLC will be based on the job needed to be completed. The prices given for the additional services will include the parts and/or chemicals. Triple J Pool Care LLC will not perform additional service until approved by the CUSTOMER.

After completing all of the above, you will be redirected to our automatic payment authorization form. Please complete the following form at your earliest convenience.